Relics from Fire Protection Community Return to Stillwater

Relics from Fire Protection community return to Stillwater

After 15 years of mechanical disrepair, a historic piece of the Oklahoma State Fire Protection community is returning in full restoration.

The Fox, a 1926 NS-4 fire engine, made its grand debut on campus last Thursday where it will stay and be admired as an iconic item of OSU history.

“The Texas Fire museum, located in Dallas, rebuilt the motor for us,” said Brandon Roach, apparatus chair for the Fire Protection Society. “This motor is a very rare and expensive engine. This is why we had to have a specialized place, such as the museum, rebuild the motor for us.”

The Alf, an equally iconic piece of Fire Protection history, once had a 751 cubic inch V-12 motor. After sustaining a major engine malfunction, the society bought a 1958 Alf and transplanted the motor.

“All of that work was done by the students, with help from many people including staff, alumni and OSU fleet services,” said Roach.

The Fox and Alf trucks have deep roots in OSU history.

“In its prime the Fox would transport cheerleaders during the walk for football games,” Roach said.

In 1926, the Fox was specially built for Moline, IL. The Alf was made in 1951 in Friendship PA., where it stayed until it was bought by the Mconnellsburg Volunteer Fire department in Pennsylvania.

OSU purchased it shortly after in 2006, where it was restored.

“The trucks mean everything to the Fire Protection Society,” Roach said. “Once you ride on the Alf for the first time or get the chance to work on something so significant to the Fire Service as a real Ahrens-Fox, you will never forget it.”

The trucks will forever be a part of OSU history, not just the Fire Protection Society.

The society hopes to have a building constructed in the next couple of years that will house both trucks and give them a place to undergo further restoration if necessary.


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Relics from Fire Protection Community Return to Stillwater
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The Fox, made its grand debut on campus.
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